1. Hi Joy…i already saw the video. Although, it’s quite excessive shopping behavior, it makes me want to go to thier website and see how good of their product it is….and thier cloths is cool!!!

  2. … and cheap!!!!
    but unfortunately, they don’t ship to other countries then germany 😦

  3. Jungstil.de look to have developed a promising business model. More and more retail is going online. I hear that Amazon.co.uk have increased sales significantly, but clothing has the disadvange of needing to fit! Something tells me that people will always like to be able to try things on.

    Being able to capture a large amount of data about the customer interactions should enable to them to conduct some detailed data mining. They just need some good guys running the database as well as a marketing department and other teams that know what to do with the information…

  4. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your blog.

  5. The video is a bit much though I am sure that it certainly gets people talking about it. It certainly gets across a message with the possibility of pushing people to go and check out further benefits of online shopping though I would be worried about children seeing this sort of uncensored advertising.

  6. I think there is a danger that using this kind of unregulated advertising may lead to ever more extreme campaigns. The problem is that as more brands try to stand out from the ever more extreme masses, they must shout louder.

    In contrast, there is also the possibility that encroachment by more mainstream companies may dilute innovation as is often the case in other forms of advertising.

    Still, they made their point, although it’s unlikely that I would visit their website based on the clip.

  7. I certainly see the funny side of this clip and agree with the marketers that sometimes a more extreme approach can create a bigger hype around a brand.

  8. ok. i wont go shopping anymore. just sit at home and get my new stuff by internetshopping. pretty scared now! 🙂
    seriously, the clip is a little extreme and too much. im not sure if they succeed!
    but choosing sandy as the presenter was a good idea. because after this “horrible” breaking up with boris, she has become very popular in germany!

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