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New Media

February 9, 2009

To find a single definition for new media proves to be difficult, as the tools involved in that term are changing and developing consistently. Basically, new media consist of various interactive computerised technologies that offer digital communications and information delivery.  Thanks to the continuing progress of advanced technologies we currently enjoy nearly unlimited global information and communication exchange through the internet. Examples for computerised interactive technologies, aka new media, include:

However, this is not a final definition of new media, because the term itself forms some restrictions. What is classified as “new media” will turn into old media as soon new innovations are implemented. Given that new technology for digital communications is changing and upgrading continually, today’s new media may be redefined tomorrow, in a week or whenever, and current definitions will be devalued.

Brands are increasingly using such tools for digital marketing in order to “stay on the ball” with respect to the changing consumer behaviour. This blog will discuss various brands and their application of new media with the aim of gaining greater insight into the utilisation of new media.