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When Two Quarrel the Third Rejoices…

February 21, 2009

Based on my latest article I wanted to highlight how additional brands can take advantage from the battle between Apple and Microsoft. Linux, an open source computer operating system, came up with a clip that uses Apple’s advertising idea.

A very clever way of advertising, bearing in mind that Linux runs on both Apple and PC (Windows compatible) hardware.

Another brand that applied a similar style to Apple is Nintendo. They use the idea to promote their games console Nintendo Wii in order to outperform their competitor Playstation (Sony). I am not sure how successful that was; given the slightly cheesy presentation, but it must have caused some word-of-mouth marketing achievements with 3,802,726 views on YouTube (You can only see this video on YouTube if you log in, in order to verify that you are 18).

It would be interesting to discuss to what extent “sex sells” in that case and if there was some return on investment for Nintendo, but unfortunately I struggle to find any information. One thing is definitely clear: This video encouraged the interactive media director Giovanny Gutierrez from Tinsley Advertising to believe Nintendo may appreciate a campaign in the name of “sex sells”. He therefore created a home made video called “Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit” where his girlfriend Lauren Bernat, who also works for Tinsley, is executing the Nintendo Wii game “Hula Hoop” only dressed in knickers and a t-shirt (More)

This video, uploaded by “tinsleyadvertising” which has currently 8,051,024 views, was classified as viral marketing tool from Nintendo, but they denyed having any responsibility. Gutierrez claims having created that clip on a non commercial basis, but admits he would love a job at Nintendo….The full story can be viewed at The Tech Herald.