About Me

Hi there,

I am a very passionate Marketing professional (MSc Marketing) and currently trying to build my first blog, so please do not take offence if I get something wrong. In fact, I am happy for you to tell me your thoughts, ideas and even improvement suggestions – it is all about learning. Please note that all views represented in this blog are mine and do not represent the views of any of my past or current employers.

Having been born and brought up in Zurich, Switzerland (no, not in Sweden and even if I’m blond…), I have been confronted with a multicultural environment and thus I speak six languages. Languages are sort of my passion because I love connecting with new people, travelling and seeing the world. Therefore, the ability to communicate with people in their own language seems very important to me in order to connect properly with other cultures and to be able to exchange real life experiences.

I have been living in the UK since 2007 with London being my current base (got to love this city!). I work in Marketing and I am an incredible geek about anything I do. There is so much new stuff to learn out there, one could simply never stop!

So here I am now, trying to start up a blog and connect to the world!


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